Weekly update, more stamping and eye candy

I must say, it's getting harder and harder to make blog posts. But I'm here today, so I guess that's what matters!
I've been struggling with photography issues again. At first I thought it was the camera battery, but I used 2 different ones, totally charged, and I am having trouble taking photos on a black background in natural light. I like this background, as it makes for nice gallery shots. What I think I've discovered is the shutter speed is not moving fast enough to take a clear photo, and I don't know how or if I can adjust it. My camera is a Sony Cyber-shot W-290,similar to this one:
Any suggestions?
Here's a look at some more stamping earrings I've made this week.

My favorite pair is the ones with the red lampwork beads. I think I'll be making a pair for myself!
I did go on a "shopping bonanza" this past week, buying alot of new beads lampwork. It has made me feel energized with new ideas! Plus, I've had requests from one of the shops I sell in,to bring in more beaded designs.
I'll have more new goodies soon.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Key board issues~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I think I need a new one. This one is not keeping up with my speed of typing! Is Mercury in retrograde or something?

I'll be going to a large fine art show this weekend. One I had hoped to apply to, but didn't have the finances for. I know a couple of artists who will be showing this weekend.
OK, no more typing!

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Love the ones with the purple beads! Have fun at the show :)
cindy said…
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