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I failed to mention yesterday, that I was feeling really sick. It was a chore just to sit at the computer and look at the screen. I was dizzy, weak, sick to my stomach, could not see straight, had a headache from hell, and my leg muscles were really fatigued and sore. I had no strength at all. I did not even get out of my pajamas.
What can I say was the cause? I tried to look at this more closely. On Thursday I ate alot, and I mean alot of fruit during the day, and probably not enough protein. I worked really hard at my job, and did alot of physical labor/running around. So I conclude this to be a sugar problem.
I have had this feeling before, but it came from overeating chocolate cake the night before I had this sick feeling the next day. So you see, this dieting thing can be really tricky for me.
It felt like an "emotional hangover", as I have heard the term used, as feeling like a hangover without consuming the alcohol. Which is the case for me, as I do not drink.
This "emotional hangover" could also be from job stress. Ah, this could be part of the problem too. But I will not go into that right now.
I still had the headache this morning, and now after lunch, I'm starting to feel somewhat better. It's a lousy way to feel.
How are you feeling today?

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I'm glad you're feeling a bit better today. Diet is a tricky thing!
This really sounds like it could be the flu though...Influenza B doesn't come with the yucky stuff the regular flu's more of a body drain like you described. I've had it a couple times and it knocks me on my "you know what"!
cindy said…
I hadn't thought of that, thanks Edi.

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