Another before and after creation

Here's a look at another custom order creation. A friend of mine gave me this strand of sodalite gemstone beads,

and asked me to create a bracelet in mixed metals, that would coordinate with this pair of earrings she got from me:

and this necklace:

We talked about incorporating elements of each piece, so that they could be worn together or apart. She liked the mix of sterling and copper; the copper washers that I used in the earrings, and she wanted some spirals.
Here is the completed bracelet that I came up with.

The copper O rings are textured the same way, as I did the earrings. I wrapped them in sterling silver wire with added spirals. I added the sodalite beads onto my own handmade sterling head pins and added faceted citrine dangles (like the earrings).
To coordinate with the necklace, I had a couple of the sterling "Greek key" beads available and placed them strategically in the bracelet where they would be seen. I tried to incorporate some chunky lapis also, but it just didn't work. There is a nice balanced look to this bracelet.
Do you have any beads you'd like to have made into a unique piece? I love the creative challenge! Just contact me!

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I love how you took a very simple bracelet and transformed it into a work of art...amazing! I know she loves it!

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