Week 2- weigh in

Weight loss: 3 lbs.
Finally; to see the scale actually say something lower this week;just great. I am sooo struggling with hunger all the time. I hope this gets easier as my stomach shrinks.
It's been another busy week here for me. Count down until my next show: 5 weeks.
Did I make anything this week? No. Well, not entirely. I finished a custom order which I will have to post photos later, when I get the chance to take some.
I spent Wednesday helping a friend out. I had promised to take her around some of the cute shops, so she could get over her fear of talking to shop owners. (she makes jewelry too)
I had to work an extra day this week at my day job, so I really haven't had much time to create.
One day this week, I pulled my jewelry from one of the shops that just wasn't selling much. You know, I have to think of the financial and business end of things.
Well anyway, this gives me a few more things for the show.
My friend says, I'm like "a bull in a china shop". And I kinda take that in stride.
I know I am head strong, determined, maybe a little bit over the top sometimes.
Hey, that's just me.
~So then, I sort of was mad at myself for helping my friend out. It's just I'm so crunched for time, and I know what it takes for me to create jewelry. I mean, shouldn't I feel good that I was helping someone out? I thought so, but inside, I was secretly angry with myself.
And that's what is going on in my world this week. How was yours?

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