Marketing, self-discovery, and butter cream

They say you will spend about 75% of your time marketing your business and only about 25% actually (in my case) making jewelry. How true this is. I have spent at least the last 7 or 8 days, reading and studying much about marketing and where I want to take my business. Because it is a business and not a hobby.
I've been reading alot at Megan Auman's site, Designing an MBA. Which I highly recommend.
I have a small list of a few jewelry/artist/craft business books on my reading list.
I have figured out that I will need at least $1200.00 to apply to the shows this year that I want to be part of.
I have applied to another gallery, and hope I hear from them soon.
And finally, I did work on some new designs yesterday, and finished the copper tube bead necklace and matching bracelet that I mentioned last week. (photos to follow)
I had taken off this week from my (day) job and am really enjoying the time off. It has allowed me to-- well, actually, breathe.
I have signed up for MailChimp to learn how to better track, use, and send professional looking emails. Which I'm finding to be a challenge seeing how I am so computer illiterate.
I have committed myself to exercise, 3 times a week. I have supplied the house with healthy food choices. And am slowing starting to eat better to prepare myself for joining Weight Watchers, which I hope to do next week.
So, I have this most scrumptious, best smelling candle ever that sits on the table next to the couch, where I sit and read. It's called "Birthday Cake".

It smells just like butter cream icing! To die for! The only problem is that I continue to smell it, even when it's not lit and I crave cake! Not a good thing when you're trying to loose weight. I figure I'll have to burn it every day to use it up. Oh well.
So, I'm off to start my wondrous day!

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Oh wow, I think I'd have to send my mom the candle. I'd be craving sugar all day. Good luck to you!!!

I is hard work! Good luck with all your goals this year!
For some reason I'm craving cake now :)
storybeader said…
I love the look of your copper jewelry. Rustic and elegant at the same time. My art work is also a business. But I've gotten so involved in my art journaling that I'm not creating as much as I used to. Good thing I have a day job! Have a great year!

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