More treasuries

Over the past couple of weeks, I've found myself in 2 more treasuries.
The first one,created by Lee Brownlee

I just love the earthy colors!

And this other one, created by Patsofclay

Where is my item you ask? Well, it was these earrings

that have been relocated to a local gallery for sale.
That's all for today. I must work on photographing many items to add to my Etsy shop!
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Brooke Shambley said…
I also was featured twice in the last week, but hadn't been in a treasury for months before that. I guess people are picking up on the treasury making! :-) Lucky us!
Congrats on the treasuries! I bet those earrings won't last long in the local pretty!
Pat said…
Great site! Wonderful items so much talent! Great Treasury! Please visit PatsofClay.

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