Around the house

I had a lazy (much needed) weekend.Relaxing and eating! I wanted to make a warm lemon pudding cake today, but forgot to pick up the lemon pudding at the store, and no way am I going out today just for that. Maybe I'll make it later this week. I did manage to color my hair (finally), and have been reading and catching up on the blogs that I follow.
I got an email this morning, that I did not get into a show that I was hoping for in February. A little disappointed, but oh well, keep on trying! I do have a show scheduled for March, more details to follow.

My boys

Finally, I got around to posting some new listings in my Etsy shop. These 3 are available.
Silver dangle earrings. stamped hoop. glass beads.

Industrial style earrings

Copper disc earrings. Large. with jade and peridot.

That's before the camera battery gave out. I can't believe how long these (don't) last! I should get a back up. Waiting for the battery to charge. I have lots more jewelry to photograph and list.

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Sher said…
What beautiful earrings. Love your boys. Your orange and white one looks like my Mr. Patches.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Merry Christmas!

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