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So I'm taking a short break between projects, waiting for 2 necklaces to dry, before I can finish them, so here I am. I thought about not blogging today, because truth be known, I am not in a great mood. But they say writing is very therapeutic, as well as journaling is. Do I dare to spill my guts here, for the world to see (read)?
I have somewhat been skeptical of those who share their whole lives, like an open book on the "world wide web", as some stuff can come back and bite you in the ass.
As you may or may not know, even prospective employers can "google" you and may read something that doesn't shine a very bright light on you. In a way, today, I kinda don't care.
I'm quite discouraged and a bit mad about all the hoops we must jump through in life. Saturday I went to a high end art show to check it out. After talking to a few artists, I found out just how many hoops the promoter has for the vendors to jump. O.k., I understand that you want to see that I actually make what I sell, and learn a bit about me. I understand that my booth display should look nice. But I found out that many are getting away from show tables, and want more of a pedestal look, and completely decorated booth, as if you are walking into one's personal store. That sounds all good and well, but, how much money are we excepted to spend on show supplies? My new "white tent" professional tent cost over $200.00!
The show fees are high enough; but then add a jury fee of $25.00 to $40.00 on top of that? So let's see, at say, $35.00 per vendor (and you don't get that back, even if you are not accepted into the show) let's just say 70 vendors apply. That's $2450.00!
For evaluating photos? I must be in the wrong end of the business!
Bottom line- I spend, and sacrifice using top quality metals and supplies so I can create wonderful jewelry items that are meticulous in detail and design.
While walking around and looking at other jewelry sellers; some were not that original, or completely handmade.
Fast forward---------bank fees, debt, and all this other crap that's going on JUST in this country alone? I had better cool my jets a bit.
Here is something, that fits:
Video by Prince; a little long, but thought provoking----Prince: ahead of his time?

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All the fees can add up! I hate when they charge a non refundable app. fee!

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