Weekly update and a treasury

It's been a stressful week for me, working at my "day" job. Depleting me of any kind of energy I might have had. Thankfully, I survived! I'm feeling much better today. So I say, "let the creative frenzy begin!" This is where I try to make as many pieces of jewelry I can, as I have a show coming up in about 2 weeks.
But first, let's look at an Etsy treasury that I found myself in this week, created by "chantalmarieliving".

Next up, have a look at a few new link style mixed metal bracelets I've created, featuring Botswana agate coins, and artisan lampwork beads.

and matching earrings:

Now I'm off to create!

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Hello to you over the Skyway! That treasury is so delicious my mouth spontaneously watered! And you new pieces are stunning...
Congrats on your treasury! Love that middle bracelet!
Hope you get lots done this weekend to prepare for your show :)
Linda Pruitt said…
Yes, congrats on the treasury! And I love the earrings. Love the beads and the color!
pretty jewelry! Congratulations on the treasury! Hope your show is fabulous!

Splendid Little Stars
The earrings in the treasury are really pretty! And I like the bracelet in the middle with the round stones.
Good luck with with the show!

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