Living Beyond your Feelings~ a book review

From New York Times bestselling author, Joyce Meyer, comes another fabulous and useful read. In this book Joyce breaks down feelings, step by step, in explaining where they come from and how they can affect us.
In part one, she discusses emotions, where they come from, why we are emotional beings, how we get stuck, and behaviors. She identifies the four main personality types and how they influence us.
In part two of the book, she talks about anger,guilt,resentment,depression, and other emotions that can give us trouble.
Using biblical text, she shows us how God does have all the answers, if we just ask for His help, be willing to listen, and apply techniques that will help us overcome negative thinking, to be proactive and change our thoughts, which can change our feelings.
This book is written well, and is an easy read, and easy to understand. The Bible verses presented throughout the chapters provide the knowledge and proof that the answers are available to all. Each chapter is concluded with a positive statement that one can use as positive self-talk or prayer.
This is a book that one can pick up again and again to revisit any chapters that may be relevant to their particular need.
I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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