You asked for it, you got it

A while ago, some of my blog followers requested more photos of me creating my cuff bracelets and fold forming. So yesterday, while working on some new ones, I managed to get these. Enjoy!
Cutting the sheet metal

filing the rough edges

annealing the metal

cooling the metal

hammering some texture

Sawing a pattern

making a "T fold"

opening the metal

a completed "feather" cuff in brass

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WoodieFL said…
This is a beautiful cuff, Cindy. What great creativity and talent you have!
Teresa Kline said…
wow, this is gorgeous, nicely done...hope your weekend is awesome!

enjoy *~*
storybeader said…
you've got a neat set-up and it's great to see your process. I got a little lost after you sawed, but that's so neat how you made the feather! I love it!
AsteropeBC said…
I love the way you showed your process. The cuff came out looking great!
Wow! Thanks for posting these! You get to play with so many fun tools :) I can tell a lot of work and love go into your pieces :)
BeadedTail said…
That was fun seeing your process of making that gorgeous bracelet! I like that you have a kitty watching over you too! :)
Erika said…
I enjoyed seeing the process. It is amazing how you are able to get something that looks like a feather out of a sheet of metal!

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