New listings- Is there anybody out there?

I wanted to share here my new listings from the last couple of days. I ask the question, "is there anybody out there?", because I've gotten only a couple of views in my Etsy shop and feel like I'm lost in Internet space. It's pretty bad, when I'm posting on FB, and in the Etsy forums, and team forums. Oh well, let's see what happens here.

Sterling silver love knot and lampwork bracelet

Sterling silver and etched lampwork earrings- simple

Sterling silver, etched lampwork earrings- long

Relic earrings. copper. blue verdigris

Door knocker style earrings. Sterling silver. Modern


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Hi Cindy. Love your work. It has been very quiet lately in the cyber world.....everyone must be busy getting kids back in school.
Erika said…
I agree with the above comment. I noticed that even on busy blogs that things were slower. I think many of us are dealing with school. Hopefully, things will pick up for us all.
Linda B said…
Cindy, very pretty.

Your teammate,
My views have been down as well. But it only takes one view to make a sale :)
storybeader said…
I still love beads, even though I don't use them anymore. Your lampworks are so pretty. I haven't had much traffic on Etsy, but I'm having more sales, so I'm not complaining! {:-D
quiltingjewel39 said…
Cindy -
I always enjoy your blog and your work. I've been w/o electricity for 8 days after Irene and then short vacation so haven't looked or responded to anything. Love the new things.
cindy said…
Thanks you guys for the wonderful comments! It's good to know people are still reading and watching!

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