Artfire sucks

As an American citizen, I am completely aware of my rights given from our founding fathers in the Constitution of the United States. So I will use my right to "freedom of speech".
I am disgusted with the service, or should I say lack of service from the Artfire venue. Maybe you are some of the sellers who, as I did, opened shops on various sites in order to gain more exposure to your products that you sell. Myself included. I have had a shop on Artfire for well over a year, maybe even two years. I've had 3 sales. In the beginning, I has a pro account and was paying a monthly fee, for what? Not much apparently. They (Artfire) talk about SEO, and claim they have a better service than other sites, and they have better google analytics, and blah, blah, blah.
I joined groups, forums and the like. Can you say NO EXPOSURE? I sure can. First thing they did was remove me from a group, so I had no affiliation with them. That group is the SRAJD, started by Laura Bracken. I have been a contributing member of this group for about 3 years. How can AF just remove me from correspondence with a group I am a member of?
It seems I got lost in the shuffle; or that's how I felt anyway. My AF account was messed up for a while- who knows if it was even out there on the web for folks to see.
Finally, the last straw. Today. I went to my shop to "check in" and found my shop was gone-completely. I sent an email to them. BTW: it was difficult to navigate around their home page to find any contact info.
So I get a response saying, and I quote, "As per our previous emails, Basic accounts are no longer a part of ArtFire"......
AS PER OUR PREVIOUS EMAILS? I have never gotten an email from them anytime lately or in the last 6-9 months at least! (No, emails did not go to my junk file, in case you were wondering)
You see, again, lost in the shuffle. And now they demand only premium accounts? Does that go along with their "premium" customer service too?
I have been a member of Etsy for over 3 years now, and although not everything is perfect, at least I feel like a member. I have great exposure, over 400 shop friends, and about 70 sales to date.
The staff at Etsy seem to care more about their sellers and their customers.
"Head's up, Artfire"

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I am also on Artfire and saw it posted somewhere that they were getting rid of Basic accounts. I think that stinks. I have been with them for 2 years as a Pro and have only sold 3 items. I hear you have to constantly promote within the sight for your items to be shown in the front pages. Not sure how true it is, but I just don't have the time to promote all day.

So sorry this happened to you.
I had an account with AF for two years, went pro, like you. But after a year of paying the monthly fee and 3 sales, I went back to basic. When I got the emails about the change, I started taking my stuff off their site. No way would I pay for a pro membership when the exposure is so bad. I joined Etsy around the same time - 400+ sales. It's a no brainer. AF sucks!
Kathleen said…
*whoa* Glad I never did the AF thing...
I too paid for nothing, closed my account last year. They certainly were a lot of huff & puff!
I've always loved Etsy over Artfire. I never had a pro account and didn't get much traffic with my basic account. I debated about upgrading when they did away with basic seller accounts this week, but can't see spending the $ and not getting any sales.
Timepassages said…
It only getting worse see my blog for the latest news on just how bad artfire has become..
Cat said…
How could Artfire remove you from SRAJD?

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