Blog carnival for July

Our topics come from Deb the "Storybeader",
who asks: Topic 1:
The third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day? Are you celebrating it?
Topic 2:
What's your favorite summer recipe?
So I chose to talk about my favorite ice cream!

Publix brand "Moose Tracks". I like the sugar free version. Vanilla low fat ice cream with swirls and swirls of dark chocolate ribbons and mini sugar free chocolate and peanut butter cups. There is something addictive in the dark chocolate that they use (there must be!) because I find myself digging around to pull out all the chocolate and eat it all myself.
This can be dangerous; buying a half gallon and having it in the house. It simply "calls my name", and tends to not last long. So I try not to buy it too often.
If you want to read more posts on this topic from other Etsy Bloggers, you can stop by the blog here. Folks will be posting their links come Monday.

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SleightGirl said…
I don't have a favorite ice cream, but anything with chocolate in it is definitely at the top of my list.
Melody said…
I adore Mint Chocolate Chip, especially if it's Breyer's
Saffron Road said…
Luvs 1/2 fat Cookies & Cream by Edy's!
Ice cream is definitely a weekness of mine! I try to only buy it once in a while!
storybeader said…
wow - publix's brand of sugar free is a favorite? I don't think we have that in Oklahoma, but it sounds like something I'll remember! Thanks for posting for this carnival {:-D
ooo.. I know exactly what you mean by something "calling your name!"

Because we wanted to celebrate National Ice Cream Day (and ONLY for this reason, mind you!), my hubby and I indulged in some Jeni's Backyard Mint. mmmmmm.....addictive!

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