A long four hours

Well that was a LONG night! Interestingly though, the crowds were there, but not all shopping. Families out walking around, people and their pets, lots of folks eating and drinking.
My evening had a rough start. When I arrived, I could not find my spot, did not see my name anywhere. So I pulled off the road and started walking around for someone to ask. Note: they only allowed 1 hour to set up and I was by myself. Finally I found someone who had a list of vendors, and, I was not on the list! (I'm getting aggravated now.) She sends me down the road to find another guy, who then shows me a spot to set up in. (thank God) I did have a few nice guys who helped me put up and take down the tent, and help with electricity, so that was good. Then I went to move my car and the streets were all barricaded now! Had to move the barricades! Needless to say, I was soaked with sweat by now.
Overall, I did o.k., but not as I expected to do. And not with the size of the crowds. Possibly not the perfect venue for artisan quality items. Thanks to my sending emails, I did see some friends, and had some past customers come to my booth. So that was good also.
Two things that I learned, or should change: I don't think I had enough items to display, making my booth look small and lightly stocked. But, hey, like I said, this is handcrafted, hand fabricated one of a kind jewelry here! And secondly, I changed the angle that I usually set up my table, and I don't think it worked. I kept moving my display pieces around all night. Anyway I have another chance next month, as I have already signed up for this, and hopefully repeat customers will come back. I do think having a banner helped too.
Here's some photos of my night.
Just finished set up.

Across is a BBQ stop.

Looking up and down the street.

Night time

How I was feeling about now.

More dogs

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storybeader said…
looks like a lot of traffic. And a great spot, across from a food stand. Hope your day improved with time - it's hard to set up by yourself (experience talking), so your unexpected helpers were really a blessing! {:-D
It does look like you had a good spot, even though they had to find one for you! And good that past customers appeared! Good luck on the next craft fair!
You setup looks great! I would love to be able to do outdoor shows...they seem like a lot of fun.
I have noticed the same thing about Springs shows...lots of people, not much buying. I think fall shows are always better because people are in the gift-buying mode. In spring they are mostly buying for themselves.
cindy said…
Yes, Edi I agree with you on that. Fall shows-lots of people looking for unique gift ideas.

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