The Band that Played On~ a book review

The Band that Played On
Written by Steve Turner
In “The Band that Played On” many questions are asked about the stories of the musicians who played and subsequently died as the result of the sinking of the Titanic. Who were these men? What do we know about their family histories? Did they voluntarily play music while the great ship sank? What songs did they play? What happened to the families that were left behind? This is what the author has set out to reveal in this thoroughly researched telling of this tragic event that shocked the world.
Being one of thousands, if not millions, of those who have ever been fascinated with the story of Titanic, became my first interest in reading this book. I do not believe as many of the already written books, that one has explored an angle such as this. Although the book is extremely detailed, many of the chapters are about the whole history of the builders, creators, booking agents, the ship itself (and others of her time) and the sinking of the ship. Much of this I already had much knowledge of, and found it hard sometimes not too just skim over some of the pages to get to the stories of the musicians themselves. The details of these men, including what little photos still remain in existence today, was interesting.
Overall, if you are looking for a heart wrenching tale of love loss, or an inspiring look at Christian faith, you will not find it here. This book is written with historical fact and detail; only on a few pages will the reader find reference to God, mainly when reading about the memorial services. Still, an amazing amount of facts presented.
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storybeader said…
I remember the quartet that played music as the Titanic sank, and thought it poingant! It's amazing that someone was able to research the musicians - nice to know they were real people on the boat!

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