"Wherever you go there you are"~ book review

A wonderful guide to meditation for the beginner, as well as the "experienced". In this 10th anniversary edition of his book, Jon Kabat-Zinn explains in his insightful way, how mindfulness in everyday life can lead to greater peace, joy, and happiness in each and everyone who is willing to practice.
Meditation does not mean burning candles and incense; chanting or even making a "great connection with a higher power". It is much more simple than that;as the author makes clear in his in depth look at slowing down, finding time to "go within", being aware of your own breath and your surroundings. His writing style reminds me of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Buddhist monk. With saying that, I must clarify that this book is not recommending becoming a Buddhist, or any direct correlation with any religious sect. It does however, recommend slowing down in this life's hectic pace, going within, finding oneself, and experiencing life, in full consciousness. This is not a book, meant to rush through reading either. I would say to anyone, just give it a try.

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storybeader said…
sounds interesting {:-D

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