St. Patrick's Day memories

With St. Patrick's Day being my birthday, I have lots of memories that go along with it. The first one, is birthday cake!

St Patrick's Day Sponge Cake - Dollhouse Miniature Food Handmade

And while we're talking food, chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorites!
hint, hint

ST PATRICKS DAY CANDY - Chocolate covered pretzels

And wearing the green.


Gifts are always nice.

Hand-painted 2x2x2 Green Clover Gift Box

But of course, this always makes for the best gift!

Cut out Buffalo Nickle with rim Money Clip

*These items are available on Etsy. Enjoy!
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TiLT said…
Agree - agree - agree!!! And now I want something sweet salty & chocolaty :P
Janet Bocciardi said…
Love this post! To hear you're not just tired of everyone wearing green on your birthday - you've embraced it!
storybeader said…
nice picks! Let me see, that money looks good... {:-D
excellent selections! and happy early birthday :-)
Kim Beatty said…
Mmm...cake... :)

Great post, and happy early Birthday!!

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