Ring takes a turn

More of the ongoing saga on making my first metalsmithed ring. I thought I'd have a complete ring to show this week, but, (of course) I made the band, and soldered nicely, to find..... the stone did not fit! I was very frustrated. So scratch the snowflake obsidian that I originally had. I could not find a stone in the teachers box of stones, so yesterday I went to a bead and shell shop that I had heard about, but was not sure where it was located.
Jackpot. I found a piece of American turquoise, that is just a little larger than my bezel, so I filed it a bit, and I think we have a match! I just need to fit it in and finish the sides this week.

A couple of new items in my shop this week:
Sterling silver and pearl earrings-dangle

Sterling silver coiled bracelet-boro beads-Thai silver shell beads

That's all for now. Have a happy Saturday night!

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randomcreative said…
I love the curled silver for the dangle earrings! Beautiful work all around.
TiLT said…
How great! loving the spirally earrings :)
They are all lovely! You do beautiful work!
Your ring looks great! I can't wait to see more...I'm a little addicted to rings :)
And the curly-Q earrings are so cool too!
Your work is incredible!
Anitra Cameron said…
Beautiful! Especially that bracelet. Oh, my.
Judy Nolan said…
What beautiful work you do! I especially like the bracelet.

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