Ring progress and shop update

And we have a bezel cup! Still, no ring yet. Again, I must say that this is much harder than it looks to make. I had to seal the back plate on at least 3 times to get it soldered right. Hopefully next week, we'll have a ring. I sure do hope so, as I'm getting tired of working on this piece!
Good news! A shop update finally! These are now in my Etsy shop and ready for new homes.

Long stick earrings-sterling silver-amethyst

Embellished copper O ring earrings-smokey quartz drop

Springing flower earrings-sterling silver

And these, which are a recreated pair:
sterling silver earrings- Bali silver-earthy etched beads

More new stuff coming tomorrow too!

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TiLT said…
The prep for the ring sounds like it has not been loads of fun...hope the rest of the ring making is :)
The new stuff looks great!
Linda Pruitt said…
WOW! I just love the embellished cooper O ring earrings! So unique!
cindy said…
thanks you guys!

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