Etsy Blogger's features "The Art of Joy"

Meet Joy; shop owner of "The Art of Joy" on Etsy.

She creates wonderful prints, calendars, invitations and more. Take a look at just a couple selections from her shop.

Printable and Customizable Kawaii Kokeshi Doll Personal Notecards

2011 Printable Write In Kawaii Calendar with Stickers

Now you must go and check out her blog.
Being a mom herself and having many years of teaching school, I was just amazed at the organization and categories of topics available on her blog. I'm not a mom myself, but I'm following her blog now and plan to go back to read more!
On her blog you will find: free printable labels, cards, tags, calendars and more.
Some of the categories from which to read include: podcasts for moms, organization tips, recipes, tips and ideas on books for the toddler, as well as, the adult, and much more. Definitely worth going over and checking it out. Say hi! as well. We all love comments!

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storybeader said…
those podcasts are scary to me. I've never been involved with them, and I can imagine all the time they take! Nice feature! {:-D

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