Show roundup

I hesitated to write this post today. This is the first day I've gotten to sit down in many days! Really! I guess I'm feeling a little guilty, as I know there are many things that I should be doing instead. Like cleaning my house, finishing a custom order, which I did promise for this week, doing yoga, the list could go on.
But, I wanted to share my show roundup photos for 2010, since this past Sunday was officially my last show of the year.
Two weekends ago I did the Tres' Holizaar show. An indoor event at a local art gallery. I did this show last year and enjoyed it greatly! This year's event was also good and profitable! People were shopping like crazy!

(I'm standing behind my table in my little corner of the studio.)

There were many of the same artists showing their wares and creations this year, plus some new ones as well.

This past Sunday, I took part in Safety Harbor Kiwanis Club's annual winter arts and crafts show. This is a very popular and highly attended show. Unfortunately, the weather forecast was not good. This show takes place outdoors on Main Street, close to Tampa Bay. All week long I watched the weather forecast for the weekend. The prediction was for a cold front to move in on Sunday. Starting with rain, winds, and rapidly dropping temperatures. Wait a minute- I'm in Florida right?
So I prepared well, packed supplies for the weather, dressed in layers, and kept a positive attitude.
The morning started out sunny, and not too bad.

(People setting up to open)

(Setting up the booth. I shared a booth with my friend, Carol who does seed beading and works with polymer clay. She is setting up her display here.)

(A pretty flower shop that was on Main Street behind our booth.)

We had some morning traffic and sales were pretty good, then it got dark and cloudy.
And the rains came.

(our booth with the blue top)

(covering up)

(This doesn't look like sunny Tampa Bay!)
Luckily there was a Starbucks right across the street, so I got some good hot coffee!
Overall, we both did o.k., considering the weather, which kept people away. The one's that did come out were disappointed as well, since they really enjoy this end of the year show. Many thanks to all those who did come out and my repeat customers as well. Happy holidays!

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Fun to see your photos. I rather dislike outdoor shows because every one I've been in has had a weather issue. I've attended them during perfect weather and that's always fun. doing them seems risky......

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