Countdown to showtime!

I've been feverishly working this week to create some new jewelry pieces to bring to my show this Sunday in Safety Harbor. I had a good show last weekend, and sold a lot of my inventory. I took some photos, but will wait until after this weekend's show and post them together.
Here are a few of the new earrings that will be appearing at this weekend's show.

Cute organic looking lampwork barrels with lapis and double bead caps, garnet and sterling silver, and copper discs.

Brass washer earrings and dapped and hand stamped copper with citrine.

Simple brass washer earrings, and sterling "flower drops". I'll be trying to finish more new earrings tomorrow and work on a custom order that I got at last weekend's show. Till then......

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storybeader said…
hope the weather wasn't too bad outside. It's cold-cold in Oklahoma today!
TiLT said…
Lovely! Hope it went well...I suppose I could check a newer post & see for myself :P This is what happens when a ton of tabs are open...outta order sometimes ;)

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