I've been tagged!

Originally, I planned something else to post for today, but then I found that I was "tagged" on my friend, Deb's blog!

So, here, today, I'll attack the four questions that she asks. Before that though, I want to share with you the incredible "treasure necklaces" that Deb, "The Storybeader" creates.
Take a look at one.

Now, onto the four questions.
1. What's your favorite store to go into?
Well, I must admit that Macy's is my favorite store to shop in. They have a wonderful selection of women's clothes, fancy cosmetics, and always a sale!
2. Do you keep a journal or diary?
Yes, I do journal. Not everyday. I seem to journal when I am having a problem or issue of some kind, and it really does help to put things on paper. Writing is very therapeutic, and sometimes when I journal this way, I find the answer to what I was looking for right there on the paper!
3. What time do you go to bed?
Generally, early, but this can be tricky for me to exact and answer. Most likely 10:00pm, but lately I have found myself falling asleep as early as 9, or just before that!
4. How many hours, on average, do you spend on the computer?
Oh boy, another tricky question. On days when I work my normal "day" job, I would say, about 1 hour. I like to get up early and check my on-line shops and email, and maybe add a new item if I have everything ready to go.
Now on days where I am home, say working on jewelry, I may be on the computer for 8 hours. Sometimes I will listen to radio stations while I make jewelry, or I might be using the computer for a video tutorial, while I make something. If I do photography on that day, it takes me about 1 hour to take pictures, upload, edit, pick my favs., post on line to various sites and to add new items to my shops.
I'll read some blogs, try to read some interesting business related articles. (Hey, maybe I spend too much time on these days!)
That wraps it up. I hope you all found this interesting!

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How fun it is to learn a little bit more about people we "know" online! (You will be asleep as I write this. I'm a night owl and it's early yet.)
Erika said…
Another early to bed person! I thought I was the only one that did not stay up til midnight.
During the week I don't get much sleep, but on the weekends I'm an early to bed kind of girl :)
storybeader said…
very honest answers! it was fun tagging friends and getting to know more about each other! {:-D

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