Etsy Blogger's featured blogger for October

Say hello to Margaret of Splendid Little Stars

Margaret has been an active member of Etsy Blogger's since 2009. She has 2 shops on Etsy: Splendid Little Stars, and MEF Designs by Sparkly Park. She also writes a wonderful blog, which you can read, here.
Margaret has over 20 years experience in sewing and the clothing business. Here's a couple of my picks from her main shop.
JACK, long sleeve T shirt (rather timely, don't you think?)

Summer Carnival silk scarf

Stop in her shops and enjoy!

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Thank you, Cindy, for the lovely write up about me! I appreciate it! (The Jack shirt was fun to make, and the model is the cutest!)
storybeader said…
great feature! And it reminds me, I need to look at her shops!

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