What quarter are you in?

It's time for a blog carnival, from the Etsy Blogger's Street Team. The topic is, "What quarter of your life are you in, and what are your goals for this quarter?
I hesitated to actually write on this topic, as I wonder just how personal I can get here without any negative effects on my life, job, or others that I know. BUT, (stepping out) here goes.
I am in my second quarter, pushing up to those higher numbers that I'd rather not say, but I will say, "mid-life".
My main goal, at this stage in my life is to build my jewelry business, so that it does turn into my full time job. And I can "retire" from my chosen profession as of now. (I work with animals) And this is something I don't see me able to be doing into my 60's. So I have some time, (many years in fact) before I really do need to think about getting out of the business (of veterinary medicine) and focus on what my heart's desires. Of course, inside I'm saying, "I want it now, I want it now!"
Good things come to those who wait. And do their homework while they wait!
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Nico Designs said…
Good luck! I am seeing more and more people, maybe because of the economy, reaching for their dreams at later years. I agree with you about researching as much as possible right now--I am beginning to feel like I could write an article or two!
BeadedTail said…
I hope you are able to achieve your goals! I want to retire from my profession as a CPA to work with animals! I want to help homeless animals especially those with special needs and would love to have a home on land where they could live out the life they deserve.
Judy Nolan said…
I hope you realize your dream, too. This is as good a time as any to set a foundation. Good luck with your plans!
I hope you enjoy your life along the way, the process of doing/becoming that which you wish.
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storybeader said…
I have similar goals, but mine are just bumped to later in life. Guess I got a late start! Good luck in working towards your goals and dreams... Interesting career! Don't think I knew that! {:-Deb

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