To blog, not to blog

It seems to be getting harder and harder to actually want to sit down and write about... well, anything! I've been a little frustrated, especially in the last couple of weeks. Feeling isolated, or am I isolating? Now more changes are on the move. Well, first of all, one of the selling venues that many of us crafts people use has been sold, and people are scattering. 1000 Markets is no more. They have been sold to another venue, and to me personally, it does not look appealing.
Next: networking with others about this: I've come up with 3 or more venues to look into so I can spread out all over the worldwide web! Let's face it, if I want more exposure and new customers I must begin to look for other venues to promote and sell my jewelry. And yes, Etsy is my number one shop and I have built up a following there, so there I stay, even though there are a few things over there that "bug" me. All I can say for now. I'm even considering (again) building my own website. Ah, but alas, who will find me?
Moving right along.... things at my "day" job are not going so well. Let's just blame it on the economy again. I must find more work to bring in more money!!!
And they say the economy is on the up rise. I don't feel the American people feel that way yet!
It is time to try new things, this I believe. I do have a show coming up in about 3 weeks, which is good, so I can get my product in other's hands. I hoping for the best, but not as strongly positive as I should be. I'll have an attitude adjustment just in time before the show. That's all I've got for today.
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