Shop Update

Good Monday morning all! Over the weekend I managed to list 5 new items in my Etsy shop.

Rock of ages

This is a simply stated copper pendant necklace, rich with fall colors and patina. The focal is an organic artisan handmade lampwork glass bead. I used faceted carnelian gemstones to accent.

Carnelian and vesuvianite drop earrings

This pair of earrings matches the pendant necklace. Vesuvianite, a new gemstone to me. I purchased these stones because of the rich green color. I found out, while searching info on this stone that it is also known as Idocrase, vesuvianite is named for Mount Vesuvius in Italy where it was initially discovered. You can read more about the "healing powers" of this stone here.

Funky bangle-mixed metals

Another one of my funky bangles, this one is mainly sterling silver and copper, with a few brass beads and a hand forged brass spiral charm accent. This look could be called, industrial, steampunk, rocker. A good layering piece as well.

Lapis, coils, and washers bracelet

This bracelet, I feel is my most accomplished new piece. It really turned out beyond my expectations. Beautiful lapis lazuli coins, hand forged copper washers, and coiled sterling silver links, plus a fabulous lapis cabochon box clasp.
The copper washers have a 3 part technique to them. I used 3 different hammers to achieve this look. You will see squares or diamond shapes on the face of the washers, and I used 2 styles of texturizing to create a weathered, crusty look to the edges. There is so much sterling used in this bracelet. I mean yards and yards to create the coiled links. Rich blue lapis, it's a beauty! If you like lapis, this one's for you!

Sterling silver and lapis oval drop earrings

Need earrings to go with the lapis bracelet? These sterling wire wrapped oval hoop earrings are perfect. These stones match perfectly with the bracelet. Tiny Hill Tribe silver spacer beads accent the lapis.

Well, that's all that's new for now. Remember, I'm still offering FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world. And my first arts and crafts show will be coming up in about 3 weeks. I'll keep you posted on details.

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Your shop is ready for fall! Love all the colors!
Nico Designs said…
Great colors and what interesting details in the pieces. The funky bangle is a nice piece!
TiLT said…
very nice - love those last earring :)
Anitra Cameron said…
They're all beautiful, but I adore that first necklace--gorgeous!

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