The Falling Away~ a book review

The Falling Away by T.L. Hines

A supernatural, sci-fi thriller, with a bizarre story of twists and turns, and mind altering strange characters. Drug dealers, drug runners, the mentally impaired, cults, and body snatching is what you’ll find in this story.
Set in modern day times, the story starts out by taking the reader down one path, which leads to many directions.
I must admit, that I normally do not read fiction, so I found this book difficult in the beginning to understand, or have the patience for character development. I thought the first 135 pages were too long to drag me into a story. The author does a flash back thing; going back and forth between character settings chapter by chapter, which was a little hard to follow.
Somewhere around page 200, I began to get drawn into the story and was waiting and expecting with somewhat excitement as to just where the author would take me next. I wanted to know what would happen next. I wanted to find out just what did happen to some of the characters in their past which led them down the paths taken. And the author does tie up all those loose ends for the reader.
Near the conclusion of the story, it does get a bit weird with the cult and cult leader. But this is short lived.
Overall, this was not very “religious” or Christian, as I expected, although there is an underlying topic of faith and perhaps survival. I must admit, while not really enjoying the beginning of the book, I feel it was a very good read and would recommend it to anyone who likes a thriller, or sci-fi novel. I am intrigued to investigate some of the author’s other writings.
I received this book for review by BookSneeze,

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storybeader said…
you're like me. When I start a book, I feel I need to finish it. There are not many books that I won't finish reading, and let the author draw me in! {:-Deb
Anitra Cameron said…
You're a determined reader! I must admit that if it had taken that long for a book to engage me, I'd probably have put it away. Glad it was worth the effort!

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