Nesting, stocking up, and building inventory

I must admit that August is my least favorite month of the year, especially here in Florida. It is too hot, humid, and we are officially into the rainy; I mean hurricane season. It rains a little just about every day. But our dry grasses and trees do need the rain! So, I'm staying inside, keeping cool, and making as much new jewelry as I can for the fall show season. I tend to get a little intense about not having enough in stock for all I plan to do. I have 2 shows booked so far that I know I've gotten accepted to. I will add my show schedule to my blog soon. Plus stocking the local shops that I have jewelry in, and keeping my Etsy shop stocked.
This coming weekend I will be going to a local bead show to stock up on supplies, findings, new beads, and gemstones. I want to get some labradorite gemstones. A new favorite of mine. Plus, some customers of my Etsy supply shop have requested a few items that I might be able to get. You'll find me shopping at Down the Street bead show in Tampa next weekend.
I am so excited about a new style of earrings I just made yesterday. Sorry, no photos until tomorrow or Monday. I think these will be among my favorite items that I've made. Check back for that.
Also, I've decided to have a "Sunday Special" in my Etsy jewelry shop. You'll have to stop by my Etsy shop tomorrow to find out about that. And did I mention that I'm offering free shipping all month long?

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