I feel a change a'comin'

I usually try to make some kind of sense when I post, not just some useless ramblings. But as for today, I need to journal. An open journal for the world to see? Yes, of course, why not? There's always the question, "How far can one go? How much is too much? Did I really say that?"
Well, I'm going to try to get some much needed crap off my chest without naming names, pointing fingers or sharing too much information. It's for me, but maybe for you too. You might relate to some of what I have to say.
It's happening again. I'm in the same predicament. I feel like my life is running me, not I'm running my life. This week I've had alot of stress. Long days. Exhaustion. So much so that I have nothing left to give. Not to anyone. I feel like my Etsy shops have suffered. I feel like I'm not putting enough time and effort into my jewelry business. (Now I would put 110% of my time if I did not have to work any other job.) I have had no desire to create anything! THIS IS NOT GOOD. I'm hot, tired, angry, sad. I do not need my health to suffer. And I do not have the "dubious luxury" of the emotion of anger.
When do I say, "enough is enough"? When can I take that blind leap of faith, and know that everything will be o.k? I'm not that young any more, but I'm not that old either! I'm smart, level headed, and talented. I am a go-getter.
Now a little positive self-talk always does a person good! Well, for today, I'm off to go take care of the cats!
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