What is this?!!

Jinjaa helping with photography.

Jinjaa helping with packaging?

Anyway, here's some beauties now available in my Etsy shop.


To find out more details, please stop by my Etsy shop!

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BeadedTail said…
Jinjaa is a pawesome snooperviser! Your jewelry is beautiful too!
What a beautiful kitty! Jinjaa looks like a model!
lovely jewelry!
Jinjaa is sure a good helper :) Pretty new listings!
randomcreative said…
Cats are the best helpers. :) Your jewelry is beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful items and great helper!!! :D
cindy said…
Thanks for the comments you guys! I love comments!
Anitra Cameron said…
Lol! Reminds me of how Doogle always wanted to sit right smack in the middle of whatever I happened to be reading.

I LOVE the green bracelet! wow.
TiLT said…
kitty wanted her picture taken :)

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