An herb garden

When asked what kind of garden I am planning this year, I have to admit, none. As we live in a condo with all kinds of rules, it makes it quite difficult to have anything planted outside in the ground. Now inside, the cats would nibble on them!
But, in our last apartment that we lived in, we had a patio outside with a little grassy area, and that is where I experimented with planting herbs.
I love fresh herbs! They really perk up foods and add great flavors to many dishes.
I planted: basil, oregano, dill, chives, mint...that's all I really remember, although I may have tried a couple others.

What makes it a little difficult is that some herbs require more or less of watering, and some herbs like direct sunlight, and some don't. Overall, it is quite easy to grow herbs. As a matter of fact, some do grow like weeds! I remember having so much of some that I would take them to work and give away to others.

Mint is my favorite. Especially in the summer. Fresh mint is so great in iced tea!
It's also refreshing to freeze the leaves in ice cube trays and use them as flavored ice in drinks. For now, I'll have to get my fresh herbs from friends who grow them or a fresh farmer's market.
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mmmm...I love fresh herbs! There is nothing like fresh basil or mint!
Anitra Cameron said…
There's something wonderful about going outside to pick herbs for whatever's cooking. It feels like a gift, and I'm always a little amazed when I do it.

I hope you have lots of friends with lots of herbs!
I hope you'll get to plant another herb garden soon. It looks like you did quite well with the last one :)
TiLT said…
Herbs are great to grow. I like to pop them into my front landscaping here & there :)

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