Yes, I'm forgetful

I guess this also happens with age. I how found that I have been forgetting more lately. Due to stress, tiredness, or age? Who knows. I had promised to show off my new wire weaving techniques and new jewelry that I've been making and completely forgot! You know, sometimes life gets in the way. Anyhow, here's what new in my Etsy shop.

Sterling silver herring bone wrapped hoop earrings. These hoops are available with other beads/stones as well. I also made them with gunmetal beads, (real cute) but have not listed them yet.

This is an oxidized sterling silver fish tail wire design bracelet. A great look for every day wear. This is quite a technique to master, it takes 12 strands of wire plus the heavy gauge core wire, and steady hands to make. I cannot be distracted by anything when I make this style. I must be left alone and finish the whole thing in one complete sitting. I don't want to loose my place, or make a mistake in the weaving technique, plus I want it to look uniform all the way through, so if I was to stop and come back to it later, I might not be using the same amount of strength or force, so I find it better to continue until done. But it is a fun one to make!
This bright bracelet:

has not made it in the shop yet.
And this one, with the multiple techniques,

was sold to a friend who saw me post it on Facebook. But I do plan to make a similar one, with different bead in the clasp.
These new copper earrings,

have not made it to the shop, but someone does have their eye on them, but again, this is a style that I will probably do again with different beads and different stamped discs. And that's it for the update. I have to go to the gallery over the next couple of days, so some of these may end up there and not make it to my Etsy shop. But you know that you can always leave a comment or send me a message at Etsy if you would like a custom item made for you. Just ask! I'm off to make some new stuff today. Have a great day, and be creative!

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