Monday News and new jewelry for me

This week begins with the usual flair, although we did go to an early movie today as saw "Death at a funeral". It was funny, but not as I anticipated while with all the funny actors that were in it. Still worth seeing.
New jewelry to show off. I finished 2 bracelets just for me. The first is a copper Viking knit wire woven bracelet that I hand sewn tiny metal colored seed beads to. A striking look. I made a new funky hook closure to finish it. I'm always trying to make new clasps that are different from the usual.

I'm thinking about making one in sterling silver for sale in my Etsy shop.
The next bracelet is a cuff made with heavy gauge copper wire. Definitely my personal style; it has the look of a goddess or warrior style. I learned this one from one of my favorite teachers, Stacy Perry.
More news: I was asked to donate one of my scarf pins to a silent auction to benefit the Nafula Foundation. I am honored, and glad that I can be of service. You can find out more about the foundation by clicking here.

My new book finally came! I am now going to read, "Eat the cookie, buy the shoes", by Joyce Meyer.
To find out more about Joyce Meyer, just click here. I won this book on a giveaway from my friend, Rachel's blog, Christians in good company, and if you read it today, she just went to a Joyce Meyer book signing!
Wow! That's alot for me for a Monday post. I'm off to read some of the blogs that I follow. Have a great evening. And don't forget to read a book!

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