Julie and Julia

Last night I watched the movie "Julie and Julia", and although I am not a fan of Julia Child or French cooking, I must say that I really enjoyed this movie and all the feel good qualities it possesses.
So interesting, the true life story of Julia Child, an American living in Paris, who takes her boredom, and desire to bring French cooking to the American house wife.
She shows a true spirit of being who you can be, doing what you love, persistence, and entrepreneurship. Two things that she possessed which spoke to me, was her desire to never give up, and a deeply loving and supporting husband.

I also could relate to Julie Powell, a struggling writer, searching to find herself, who discovers to joy of cooking, blogging, and again, doing what you love and never giving up.
If you are an entrepreneur, a writer feeling stuck, a blogger, love to cook, love to eat, or just love life, than I highly recommend viewing this movie. Enjoy!

To watch the movie trailer:

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