I hate driving

But I love my car! It's everybody else that gets in my way!

How I long for the open road, freedom to drive!
Welcome to Florida. I can't say enough about the bad drivers in Florida. If it's not the elderly who shouldn't be allowed to drive after a certain age; say after the cognitive functions are gone or questionable, it's all the young people, racing around not following traffic rules and regulations and on their cell phones--- all the time! I once had an 82 year old man run a stop sign and smash into my car. The police report read, "violator appeared confused, due to age". Well, hello? maybe he should not be allowed to drive then! I think that the "driving privilege" should be reviewed and respected. How about this: Everyone over the age of 65 should be required to retake the written and driving tests at their local DMV every year in order to qualify for a driver's license. This would keep some dangerous drivers off the roads.

Yes, but the old folks are not all to blame. It's how the roads are built here. We have some of the most dangerous intersections in the U.S. here in Florida. We get alot of tourists, (who don't know where they are going and their driving proves it!

What the hell? WHO IS TO BLAME for this poor engineering and state planning?
Sorry Dorothy, we're not in Kansas anymore.
You see, I had to buy myself a big sports car, just to feel safe and drive defensively. I need that big safety cushion of gorgeous car wrapped around me. I need that horse power just to get out into traffic, because no one will let you in a lane, especially old Grandpa, who seems to be in a race to........? get home to watch the Price is Right maybe?
Or how about the person who speeds up so you can't get over even as I politely flash my turn signal. "Can I get over, please?"
I can think back to when I lived in other states, and don't remember so many accidents and so many bad drivers! Maybe we just need more laws, like say, Philadelphia. Check this out:

And yes, I used to live there too!
For now, I'll just buckle up, and say a prayer. This could be the closest I get to driving my way.

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