And just when I had something to say......

I just took a couple of pics with my new camera, wanting to start the week off with a nice fun blog post. And as luck would have it, the battery ran out. Time to set it on the charger. This new camera has a weird battery "pack" with its own plug in charger, and to have a back up battery would cost another , about $50.00. Not in the budget right now.
I wanted to talk about turning 45, as my birthday just passed a few weeks ago. I have a couple of photos to post with that, so put that on the back burner. But, I must ask, do women go through a mid-life crisis? I must explore this possibility some more.
Currently, I'm on a wire wrapping extravaganza! There will be more braided and fish tail style bracelets coming soon. Also, I went back to explore the "herring bone" weave technique. I have not done this for a while, but felt the urge to wrap. If you scroll all the way down on the right side of my blog, you will see some hoop earrings in this style. They will be here soon, once I have some time to photograph again! I'm also playing with the Viking Knit weave again.
I spent today getting up late, as tomorrow I will have to regain the strength to get up just after 5:00 AM to go to work. My day job, that is.
Then, we had to go purchase a clothes dryer, as we found out this weekend that ours had died. It was about 20 years old, I would think, so it was about time.
Then finally spent the rest of the day working with some tutorials I've purchased, learning some new wrapping and weaving wire techniques. I go through phases, I guess you could say, about what type of jewelry I feel like making. I like variety. And I like learning new techniques.
Look forward to new photos and stuff later in the week. I'll be waiting for the new dryer to be delivered on Thursday.
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