New camera and Banner tips

I finally got a new camera! Benn bought me a Sony Cyber-shot I guess you could say for a Valentine's gift. I am blessed, and so grateful that we have the finances to afford this right now. Once I study the user's guide and learn the how to's, I'll be taking much better photos and jewelry close ups. Can't wait to start using it!
Like my new banner? I finally figured out how to change my banners! These are my new ones for my Etsy shops:

And get this; you can do it for free! I found this really easy to use site that offers free banners! Check it out: "BannerFans".
It is really great if you're on a budget and are "computer challenged" as I am.
That's all I have for today!
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Alice said…
Computer challenged--that's me!!!! Thanks for the link!

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