Re-inventing a piece of jewelry

Sometimes you must be more than just creative. Step out of yourself, take a look at a product from the customer's view, use your entrepreneur skills, or sometimes it takes some psychology.
Take for instance this bracelet, made with components from Vintaj Natural Brass Company.
I've had this bracelet complete and listed on-line for some time now. And I had it on display at the last 2 shows I've attended. Now here's what I noticed.
The bracelet got alot of attention. Maybe the brightly sparkling "bling" it has brought many and eye to admire this piece. I even had a number of customers try this bracelet on. On all, (who tried it) it was way too big. Now I admit that this is a bangle using a brass creative ring that has been demonstrated by the Vintaj company as a potential bracelet.
As many a jewelry designer has told me, if it doesn't sell after a while, either put it on sale, or take it apart and re-create.
I chose the latter. I came up with a charm bracelet, and 4 pairs of earrings. My thinking is this: people liked the look, but not the fit, I can probably make a sale this way, I can make numerous sales, because I've created a number of earrings which, a) people tend to buy earrings more than any other jewelry item, and b) earrings will tend to be less expensive.

All these pieces created from one bracelet! I'll be taking these with me this weekend to a local Winter Arts and Crafts Fair and test my theory. We'll see what happens!

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Anonymous said…
What a great idea! And the little earrings are super sweet...I seem to make bracelets to fit my huge wrist and they always end up too big to sell have given me purpose to re-create and re-fashion!
Valerie A. Heck said…
I hope they all sell at your show! It was a smart idea to take apart the first bracelet and rework it!
cindy said…
Nomadcreations: yes I do the same thing! I'm on a quest to make smaller bracelets now myself.
Valerie: thank you!
Hannah said…
What did you do with the bigger brass piece? It's gorgeous!
cindy said…
I cut it up and used pieces of it for other projects. I still have one or two available in my supply shop on Etsy: search seller:

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