Etsy Blogger's features Calkat

It takes some time to check out all that Calkat has to offer. Calkat consists of a team of 2: Kathy and Carrie. Not only do they create unique jewelry items, but offer 3 other shops too. : a jewelry shop : a shop for the "dark arts" and polymer clay items : a shop of molds, and polymer clay : This is a favorite. A must see.
These are busy gals that also have time to keep up with a great blog. Hurry over there as they are having a giveaway that ends on the 20th.
And here's just a taste of my favorites:

Wow! There's alot to see!

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Anonymous said…
cindy ` how did the open house go?
You picked some fabulous pieces. Thanks so much for the wonderful feature.

Happy Holidays.

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