My favorite holiday movie

This month Etsy Blogger Team members were asked to talk about their favorite holiday movie or show. I have to say that my favorite holiday movie has been "Miracle on 34th Street".

The original, in black and white, the way it should be seen. It always gives me that warm, comforting, at home feeling. What a great nostalgia feel as well. Life in simpler times. This is so much about this movie that I enjoy and relate to. For one, Macy's Thanksgiving parade; the true sign of the holiday season upon us.
A family tradition; to watch the parade on T.V.
And secondly, the message of the miracle: to believe, to have faith in something, whether you think it is childish, or could not possibly be "proven". It teaches us to be good to one another.
One of my favorite scenes from the movie is when they are in court and the lawyer brings in the postal workers and they dump all the letters to Santa Claus on the judge's desk. And my other favorite scene, is at the end, when the couple finds the house, go inside and finds the cane. I can't wait to watch it on T.V. this year!
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