How much can be accomplished in one week?

It's a great question. It seems time really gets away from me. I'm sure I'm not alone. I feel like I'm in such a rush to try to make more jewelry, what with the upcoming shows that I am scheduled to attend and I now have a new salon that wants me to bring in a bunch of earrings for her to sell. Well that's great! But now I'm in a mad rush to come up with new ideas and create new earrings. As you may or may not know, I do not make cookie cutter, assembly line jewelry. Everything I make has to be different (according to MY standards), so it sometimes takes time and thought, and possibly a drawing before an actual product evolves into a pair of earrings. And then I have to figure out a price on everything. And then put on earring cards, put plastic backings on the earrings, prices on back and what they're made of, etc. So to answer the question, "how much can be accomplished in one week?" This is it:

Seven pairs of new earrings. That's it. Like I said before, no production line work here.
What with working my new job; when I come home on days I work, my poor foot is so sore, I usually lay down and ice it awhile, before I have to cook dinner, that is, if I cook that day, then my energy is all gone for the day. Which leaves my days off to work on my jewelry business.
I got new earring cards made. I just love them. They are simple and let the earrings really stand out, better than the old cards that I was using with the dark background and pink lotus flower. Now when I look at these I definitely would keep it simple with earring card designs.

I ordered these cards on Etsy from Homegrowngems
And I am really pleased with them. She does have other background designs to choose from, great prices and really fast shipping!

I did have to order some more displays and supplies too, as I don't have any extra earring stands to put in this salon.
So if you like any of these earrings and would like something similar, please contact me, as these pairs will not be listed in my on-line shops. I have about another 6 pairs on my work station waiting to be assembled. They too will be for the salon.
We women work hard, don't we? If you're a woman entrepreneur, kudos to you! That why we need to treat ourselves to shopping and massages and such! Don't you agree?

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Anonymous said…
7 pairs is better than what I have. Your foot is still sore, huh. That sucks Cindy, I hope it starts feeling better soon!
cindy said…
thanks Lisa,
this week they sent me home with a new sling device, which hurts to wear, so I'm not! It will take some time to heal.

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