Etsy Blogger's monthly feature: Meet "The Fab Miss B"

Meet "The Fab Miss B". What a wonderfully refreshing exploration of shops! Becky, being a world traveler, has settled in the state of Hawaii. I just love this photo of her that she uses for her avatar in her main shop.

The photo alone should give you an idea of her fun, whimsical spirit.
In her first shop, you can find interesting vintage items. Take a look at these:

It's a honeycomb paprika shaker!
Now let's go take a look at her other shop, "Becky Kazana-where everything is amazing". You'll find Becky's own hand painted cards, hand crafted ornaments and more. Here's a quick look at some of my favs.

What a fun way to spend some time browsing!
If you enjoyed this, then take a stroll over to her blog and enjoy some more fun!

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