Be a giver

"For it is better to give, than receive". This is how I have been trying to live my life. Give to others, help the less fortunate. "For what you give out, it will be returned to you 3-fold". It a law of the universe. One I truly believe, and am living proof that it works!
I know in this difficult economic time for the U.S., it seems that everyone is afraid. Afraid to spend any money. Let's hold on to all we have, seems to be the attitude of most Americans. But what I've found is that the tighter you hold unto something, the harder the situation becomes. I'm sure you've heard the saying, "You can attract more bees with honey than vinegar". That's the closest analogy that I can think of at the moment, and what it means is this: we all need to let go of something.
Are you stuck in a personal problem you find overwhelming and don't know what to do about it? Try reaching out and helping another. Call a sick friend. Get involved with community service. You will find the rewards to be great. And you might just realize that your "so called" problem is nothing compared to what someone else might be dealing with.
Clean out your closets. If you haven't used it, or wore it in a year, give it away. Find thrift stores, shelters where you can donate these things so others may use them.
Here's a great book by Joyce Meyer, which you may find helpful for ideas.

A thought about money:
Find a need, and fulfill it. I know , I know, you might be saying, "but I can't afford it right now". Remember what I said earlier? If you believe, stay in faith, and trust God, everything will be fine. You will prosper. God will not leave you.
For example, many of you may know that I didn't have a job for 10 months or so. Did I stop giving to my favorite charity? No. At one point when things go tough, I did give a minimum, but stayed in faith, and now have a job that I think is right for me.
And it doesn't matter the amount you give, or give your time. Volunteer.
Buy from local home grown farms. Buy gifts from handmade artisans. Just think what would happen if one person did this, then in turn that next person returned the favor, and the next followed suit, we could change the world, one kind jester at a time. It's time to get involved.

You might find these useful and interesting:
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Habitat for Humanity:
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American Red Cross:
Project Linus:
Phone a senior:
Volunteer solutions:
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quiltingjewel39 said…
what a beautiful post - you are so right - helping others helps us so much more than we know.
Anonymous said…
Gabrielle Krake said…
Hey there! Long time no write! I was poking around and thought I had better leave you some comment love! I hope everything is going well! I'm grateful for the beautiful sun today!

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