Introducing: Dress Green soaps and skin care

I love to shop. I seem to be on the never ending journey to find, try, and buy new skin care products and lotions. So I just have to rave about "Dress Green" on Etsy.
Never being totally satisfied with a face cleanser, and looking for one that is cost effective, I ordered, the Detoxifying Rosemary Orange Facial Soap with Rhassoul Clay and Evening Primrose Oil.

The first thing I noticed when I was opening up the package, was the wonderful smell. I think it was ginger. And what a great face soap this is! I like a foaming type cleanser and not a gel or dry grains type. So this one hit the spot. And I must say, that I enjoy the aroma therapeutic benefits of a product, so nature essential oils, or natural aromas are a must for me.
Then I tried the "Your Morning Cup of Coffee Body Exfoliant and Moisturizer"

OMG! After using all the ones that are greasy, slippery, and leave oil in the tub, or the ones that really don't do any kind of exfoliating, this one's a winner! It does have actual coffee grounds in it; the caffeine is suppose to give stimulating benefits to the skin cells; as well as other great natural ingredients. The closest exfoliator that I've ever come across like this was one made by Origins, that, I believe they no longer make.
Next, a shaving soap? O.k., since I already tried these products, and was looking for something more natural to shave with, and that doesn't dry my skin out, I thought I'd try it.
Matcha green tea and Rhassoul clays. How can I describe? Hmm, great earthy fragrance, it lathers like a soap, is not greasy, but does have a moisturizing property that I can feel. No problems with this one! It is lasting a long time too.
Here is a little description from Dress Green: "Bentonite and Rhassoul clays are added to provide slip for your razor – ensuring a nick-free and pain-free shave, while providing extra minerals to the skin. A mix of olive oil and castor oil attracts moisture to the skin, and helps to regenerate new skin cells. Shea butter works to soften the skin, while providing nourishing Vitamins A and E."
I also tried a body cream (that has been discontinued-was on sale) hence, why I tried it. Great cream as well! Not heavy, lovely fragrance, but not overwhelming.
I'll definitely will be back to her shop! Oh, and there's always a sample of something for you to try added to your package. Just great! I highly recommend!

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