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I'm all over the place today. Wanting to blog, but too many ideas, wanting to update on things, but not wanting this to be a 3 page post!
So...here we go.
Personally: I have cramps. I feel like crap. I think I'm addicted to chocolate. Anything chocolate. What else can I put chocolate on? O.k., so I'm having a craving; a big one! I was hoping to get alot done today, but found myself after my morning meeting with lady friends, back at home, on the couch, watching FOODTV. Any chocolate recipes I could try? I fell asleep, for many hours. A too long of a nap for me. God, I feel old. The other day I did a "real" cardio workout; meaning I actually pulled out my step bench from the closet and did a good workout. Although I didn't feel good afterwards. I was much winded, no energy, and weak. Is this how I'm suppose to feel? I don't think so. I guess I'm just so out of shape, yet flexible from doing yoga! I had heart palpitations. So I found myself on WebMD looking for some kind of disease to diagnose myself with. Heart disease, diabetes? And what about my tongue feeling weird lately? A medication side effect? I admit it, I have too much time by myself.
On the business/job search: I had a pretty good interview Friday, so I have hope. We'll see this week. That's all I'm going to say about that, for now.
On the jewelry business: As you may (or may not) have seen, I am growing much in my style and techniques of jewelry making. I'm more of a "cold forge metal artist", if I had to label my craft. Concentrating on sterling silver, and copper metal creations and sometimes with gemstones or lampwork beads. I do admire all the lovely lampwork creations that so many glass artists make! I'm looking at a few things new to post to my shop, but motivation and photography woes got in the way. I just didn't like how some of my photos turned out!

I decided I just might have to get the light box out and try these again. That ain't happening today!
As you can see, I'm working with copper discs and a new texturizing hammer. It's great and fun to use, but difficult to get good photos! Especially after I oxidize them. Beautiful patinas!
I want to streamline my shop. Get rid of the brass, vintage/style creations. What should I do? I currently have many in a SALE SECTION, hoping to move them quickly, but no success yet. I was thinking about opening another shop, just to keep them all together in a modern/vintage shop. But not sure if it's worth my time and costs making the new listings. I might have to think on this awhile.
I do have 3 arts and crafts shows coming up this fall, so maybe I'll sell many of those pieces there.
BTW: This is the last couple of days before I do the bracelet giveaway. If you want to be entered, just go to my Etsy shop, make a purchase, and you will be entered. I'm still offering free shipping too.
Oh damn, I did go on forever!
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