Gallery grand opening

Saturday evening was the grand opening of Clay and Paper in Dunedin. I think they had a lovely turn out. Many local artists were there, greeting guests and showing off their art form. Myself included. I got to socialize with many of the folks and it also gave me a chance to really explore other's work.
It started out raining, which it always does here in Florida at this time of the year, although I really don't think the weather effected the turnout.

Barbara, the shop's owner served wonderful appetizers of different types of roll ups with cream cheese, vegetables, and salmon; and dessert trays of cream puffs, cookies, tarts and more. Beer and wine were also offered.

Now this is Barbara (in the middle) chatting with some guests.

So many wonderful things to see in this shop! You could spend hours just looking around. Paintings, glass artists, jewelry artists, sculpture, and much more. Barbara, an artist herself, makes handmade paper relief and handmade ceramic tile mosaics. Her husband, Ira creates beautiful pottery.

And here's where some of my jewelry can be found:

I'm not sure how the gallery did overall with sales, but I did catch a few people shopping!


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