August- I'll be glad when it's over

Yeah, that's right. I hate this heat here in Florida. I know many of my friends in Texas can agree with this! But really, the heat; too hot to do anything outside, I don't feel like looking for a job, or working for that matter.
Can't wait till the kids go back to school. Not that we have any ourselves, but it will be a good thing! Get them back in the class room, learning. And hey, that may actually open up some jobs for us others!
T.V. shows are all in reruns. I can't wait for the fall line up to start. I miss Survivor and The Amazing Race.
Well, I have to say that I've had a good day today! Had a great early start, did yoga, talked with some friends. Then I decided to do something good for others. Always a good thing to do. I cleaned out my clothes closet and got rid of all the clothes that don't fit anymore. Four bags full! I mean, come on, I have to be honest with myself, I really need to loose about 50 pounds! So, as I've heard, "if you haven't used it or worn it in a year, get rid of it". Many of which were uniforms from work. I had mixed feelings about those. A knot in my stomach, if you will. Sure they don't fit. Sure someone else could use them. Sure I haven't used them in 9 months myself. But it did feel a little bit weird; almost a feeling of change; like, "I've got no need for these things anymore."
I tend to do this about twice a year. Give away things, that is. I have this saying, if I bring anything new into the house, something old has to go. I think this way for 2 reasons. The first being that I feel blessed to be able to have nice things when others don't, and second, I don't like clutter. And we don't have alot of room for storage of things. We only have about 1200-1500 square foot of living space, and now that we've been purchasing things so that I can do outdoor craft events, some other things had to go!
I like to donate my stuff to women's shelters, homeless shelters, half-way houses, something like that. And I always feel good when I do this. It's one small way to help others.

I have no new photos today, but I have 2 coily bracelets that might be completed by tomorrow, so photos will follow. On Friday, there is a local bead show here that I am going to, hopefully to pick up some nice lampwork beads; not too much to spend though, but there is one artist who's work I am interested in. Stop back later for more!
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