A walk in my neighborhood

I thought it would be fun to take a stroll around my town here in Florida. Hope you enjoy it. First we'll start out on foot, so you can see the lovely ponds that we have and the walking paths I take often.

The gazebo. And the path around this pond.

This is the path right behind our condo; we are on a preserve.

This is a boat dock in one of the nature parks closest to us, that leads out to the lake.

Down the road a ways, you'll find fields, cows, and birds!

A few miles away, near my father's house is this little pier over the water and where people bring their dogs to swim! (dog beach)

Looking into the water from the pier.
Our local bird, the egret.
The Atlantic ocean.

Here is the art center where I've been taking classes.

My favorite place to shop!

My favorite place for groceries!

Well I hope you enjoyed the walk in my neighborhood. You know, taking these photos really makes one appreciate all that surrounds them. I am so glad that I did this!


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